Modular roof tile sheet Venecja

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Venecja modular steel sheet roof tile is an innovative and unique product designated for roofing. The sheet tiles are made of Swedish steel sheets (SSAB) with Prelaq X-Matt coating and additionally of German steel sheets with matt coating D-Matt. The product stands out with its unique shape - 5 lower waves and 6 crests – and in addition it has specially formed corners, facilitating an ideal assembly and contact of the sheets with the roof surface.
Additional embossing of the lower edge enhance the unique shape of Venecja sheet roof tiles and resemble of an exclusive ceramic roof tiles.
With the ease and speed of assembly, our Venecja sheet roof tile received recommendation from the Polish Roofers Association.

Specially designed frontal edge of the sheet makes it easy for condensate water to detach and for air to circulate. Such a solution increases resistance of the product to corrosion   and prevents precipitation remaining on the roof surface.

Venecja modular steel sheet roof tile carries with it a number of innovative technical solutions, amongst others:

  • embossed corners, i.e. places where the connected sheets overlap each other, with the joints remaining invisible,
  • special bowl-shaped embossing, forming nests for screws and washers, ensuring the tightness of the joint,
  • an innovative solution for the front edge of the sheet that does not cause scratches and at the same time does not create a corrosion hot spot,
  • impressions on the transverse edges of the overlapping sheets in order to create unity of joints, which gives an effect of equal light refraction in the places where both sheets join,
  • factory made holes for screws and washers – in such a way a contractor has designated places where sheet roof tiles should be joined, without additional drilling producing metal filings, thus no corrosion hot spots,
  • the bowls are nests for washers (excellent adherence to the surface).

Venecja sheet roof tile advantages:

  • the longest guarantee on the market for this type of product – even 50 years* (Prelaq X-Matt) and 30 years* (D-Matt),
  • exceptional design of the sheet roof tile manufacture of the highest quality Swedish steel supplied by the renowned metallurgical companies SSAB (X-Matt) and Arcelor Mittal (D-Matt / Germany),
  • secured with a unique protective coating Prelaq X-Matt or matt D-Matt, which protects the steel roofing tile and gives it a guarantee of durability,
  • easy and quick assembly with new patented solutions,
  • the most economic solution for the roof – Venecja roof tile means up to 20% less waste compared to other steel roof coverings,
  • innovative and unique design, resembling of the aesthetics of ceramic tiles,
  • does not require any special maintenance,
  • comprehensive implementation – with the possibility of the roof completion with trims produced by BUDMAT®, Flamingo® Steel Guttering System and steel fencing system,
  • Venecja roof tile sheets are identical and light – there are no problems with fitting or bringing them up onto the roof,
  • a contractor does not need to set the points where the screws fixing the sheets are to be applied – the holes are factory prepared,
  • Venecja sheet roof tile 350 module needs fewer roof laths and screws, which means shorter work for the contractor,
  • a wide covering width – 1150 mm,
  • one standard Euro palette can be loaded with 281.75 m2 (350 sheets) of roofing – an excellent savings on transport and storage,
  • vertical ribbing on the sheet roof tile are strengthened by additional folding out of the plate at the back of the module – thus an increasing the rigidity of the sheet roof tile and the roof as a whole,
  • indifferent to drying and moving of roof rafters,
  • possibility for easy assembly of roof windows on the ready roof – there is no need to remove the whole roof slope – it is enough to take off required number of modules.

Venecja modular sheet roof tile is an aesthetic and durable product innovative in its form.
BUDMAT® has on the permanent offer Venecja roofing in many popular colours and two protective coatings to choose from:
VENECJA with Prelaq X-Matt coating (Swedish):
black (015), brown (384), graphite (455), brick red (742) and cherry red (757). 

VENECJA with D-Matt coating (German):
black (9005), graphite (7024), bronze (8017).

Technical parameters:

Overall sheet width [mm]: 1 190
Sheet covering width [mm]: 1 150
Stamping height [mm]: 35
Wave height [mm]: 26
Total height [mm]: 61
Overall sheet length [mm]: 736
Effective sheet length [mm]: 700
Module length [mm]: 350
Width between wave crests [mm]: 230
Sheet covering area [m2]: 0.805
Sheet weight [kg]: 3.7

COVERED WITH PROTECTION APPLICATION: WP 19257, RP19175, RCD 002169326 (1-3), P.396691, P.398857, PCT/PL 2013/000050, P.403552, P-403552.


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